Gossip Girl Spoiler : Deren's Future


Gossip Girl Spoilers: Derena’s Future

After breaking up twice (or three times ... does anyone even remember how many times?) do Season 1 lovebirds Dan and Serena still have a romantic future on Gossip Girl?

Here’s what E! Online has to say about that in its spoiler Q&A today, along with the issue of Georgina Sparks and what kinds of trouble she’ll be causing come September ...

Q: Any news on Gossip Girl yet? What about Dan and Serena for season three?

A: It’s too early to say for sure, but our sources tell us that next year on Gossip Girl does not look like the Year of "Dan Serena Dan Serena whoo!"

At this point it looks like you can expect more of a brother-sister vibe from Dan and Serena (remember, they do share a half-sibling, Scott, played by Chris Riggi), rather than a whole epic love story thing, Ã la Chuck and Blair.

Q: Is Georgina going to be Blair’s roommate next season on Gossip Girl?

A: While we know Michelle Trachtenberg is tied to NBC’s new medical drama, Mercy, she will be causing some trouble for Blair. Leighton Meester tells us, "Blair is going to NYU, so she might have some trouble there on her own regardless, but maybe Georgina will be coming in to stir some stuff up. I really like working with her, so it’s good."

Source : Gossip Girl Insider.com


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