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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Official Promo

I was sleeping until I finally woke up in the midnight. After one hour couldn’t sleep, I finally watched TV. There was something bothering me. On the afternoon, I was notice that some visitors came to my blog, looking information about The Vampire Diaries’ airing schedule on Trans-7, one of Indonesian TV Channels.
I didn’t know about it at all. Then, I searched the information and found a tweet from Trans-7 about it. But, the problem, the tweet only mentioned that we have to waiting the official announcement. And it was in August, 2010. I’m worried that it already airing and I missed it.

So, there was a commercial break when I watched TV on midnight. And the ad was The Vampire Diaries’ clip, and the airing schedule. What a coincidence, why there is no money drops from Heaven when I want it too?

OK, it official. The Vampire Diaries Season One will airing every Saturday and Sunday at 22.30, it starts this week (19 September 2010). So, don’t miss it if you want to see it. Cancel you dating night or anything else, and watch The Vampire Diaries (if you already curious about it).

But, I hope for this time Trans-7 would be serious about it. They should have airing it for beginning to the end, not like the other shows which canceled in the middle of season without any announcement. And the other thing is that I’m aware about the censorship. There must some scenes that will be deleted. So, just prepare yourself to watching the fun parts deleted.
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  1. dantiidon said...:

    sepertinya benar, The Vampire Diaries menghilang tanpa pemberitahuan di Trans7. Buktinya, Trans7 sudah menyiapkan acara baru di hari Sabtu dan Minggu jam 22.30.
    atau The Vampire Diaries berubah jam tayang? saya pesimis soal itu.

  1. Ranu said...:

    wah, saya malah belum tahu...sudah mulai jarang menonton TV. Akan saya coba cari informasinya dulu, siapa tahu ada pengumuman Trans7 tentang hal ini

  1. Ranu said...:

    @Dantiidon dan semua pembaca
    Kelihatannya jadwal tayang The Vampire Diaries memang diganti, tapi saya belum tahu pasti apakah jadwal ini sudah fixed atau belum :
    Kita doakan supaya Trans7 tidak mengganti lagi jadwalnya tanpa pemberitahuan...

  1. enno kimLee said...:

    mulai 10 okt 2010 jadi pkl 23:30

  1. Ranu said...:

    yah, benar...semoga tidak diganti lagi..kalo diganti semoga lebih sorean dikit...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Akh ini kebiasaan kalo uda tayang tau2 ilang
    G KONSEKUEN. Trans 7. Uda gua cao Oke ternyata malah sama aja

  1. said...:

    aku mau tahu kenapa serial the vampire diaries sudah ndk ditayangkan lagi di trans7, or emang pindah jam tayang, duh serial itu bagus banget, please to trans7 menayangkan lagi sampe episode terakhir. thanx

  1. Ranu said...:

    saya kurang tahu, coba di check di situs resminya Trans7. Dulu saya check sudah tidak ada lagi. Biasanya jadwal yang disediakan di situs resmi akurat...Lebih baik cari saja DVD-nya..

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