Smallville Season9 premiere date on September 25,2009


Smallville Season 9 Premiere Date: September 25, 2009
Variety has revealed The CW’s Smallville Season 9 premiere date, and it seems the show will be returning a little later than the other shows, as the network is using the Friday night slot to repeat their new series for the first few weeks of the season.

Say it with us, Kanye West style: "Dawn Ostroff apparently doesn’t care about Smallville."

Here’s The CW’s premiere schedule:

Variety telah mengatakan bahwa tanggal premiere Smallville Season 9 di The CW, dan kelihatannya acara ini akan tayang paling akhir dibandingkan acara serial lain, karena malam Jumat biasanya digunakan stasiun televisi ini untuk mengulang serial baru mereka di minggu pertama di season baru.

Katakan bersama kami, dengan gaya bicara Kanye West : "Dawn Ostroff ternyata tidak peduli dengan Smallville."

Berikut jadwal premiere The CW

Sept. 8, 2009 (Tuesday)
Melrose Place

Sept. 9, 2009 (Wednesday)
America’s Next Top Model (2 hours)

Sept. 10, 2009 (Thursday)
The Vampire Diaries

Sept. 14, 2009 (Monday)
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl

Sept. 16, 2009 (Wednesday)
A Beautful Life

Sept. 25, 2009 (Friday)



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