Teresa (telenovela) Episode 2


Summary of Telenovela Teresa Episode 2

Mariano (Aaron Diaz) defends Teresa

Teresa and Paulo meet in the bar to date. Paulo (Alejandro Nones) has a surprise for her. But, Teresa (Angelique Boyer) asks permission to go to restroom. Meanwhile, Esperanza (Fabiola Campomanes) is following her from behind.

When they finally meet on the restroom, Teresa begs Esperanza to not tell her parents that she is dating with a married man. Esperanza tells her that she will not tell them, but they need to talk about something.

Ruben (Manuel Landeta) is paying the bill. And after a moment, he takes a look at Teresa. He thinks that he knows the girl.

Teresa comes back to Paulo. And he gives her an engagement ring, she gets excited. Paulo also tells her that his friend, Raul gave him a key to Raul's apartment. Teresa is mad, she throws the ring and goes.

Paulo is chasing her, and says that his parents will never accept their marriage. And that they should only be lovers. She is mad and slaps him. While they are arguing, Mariano (Aaron Diaz) passes in his taxi and gets out to defend her before Paulo slaps her. He hits Paulo. Teresa cries and hugs Mariano and thanks to him for saving her.


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