Smallville Season 9 Episode 4 Echo Review


In one of Oliver’s factories, the workers are tied up next to a man who is strapped to a bomb. Clark arrives at the same time as the police. Clark frees all of the workers, then hits the man with the bomb. He sees that he is bound as well. A bomb hidden inside the mask explodes. Afterwards, Clark feels like something about him has changed.
Lois arrives and asks Clark if she missed the Blur. He says he just took off. Lois tries to climb on a car, slips then is caught by Clark. He hears her thoughts as if she was talking to him. He asks what she just said, then hears her thoughts again.
Later at the Planet, Clark starts to hear Lois’s thoughts again. Lois says the bomb on the mask was on a timer. Clark sees Lois eying the last donut and runs to grab it for her.
Clark meets with Chloe at a cafe. She wonders if his super hearing is acting up. After Chloe leaves to research some more, Clark looks around and hears other people’s thoughts.
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