Smallville Season 9 Episode 5 Roulette Review


Green Arrow back !!

Oliver gambles at a roulette table in a seedy underground gambling parlor called Roulette. He wagers his car and loses. An tattooed Asian woman wearing a red dress tells Oliver he looks down on his luck. She says he looks like he is looking for a game to satisfy him. She shuffles three metal cups turned upside down and instructs him to choose. After he picks one cup, she reveals a pill that he swallows. After Oliver follows her out into the street, he becomes woozy and collapses on the ground. Later, Oliver wakes up and finds himself in a wooden coffin with the words, ’Game Over,’ written above him.
Clark comes home and finds Lois at his house doing laundry. She asks him to join her for movie night. She sits him down and says there is nothing else he can do that night since they are in Smallville. Clark hears a woman scream in the distance. After Clark makes an excuse that they need snacks, he goes to the street to save a woman from an attacker, then quickly returns to the couch with a bowl of popcorn.
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