Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 18


Episode 57
Fernando puts Martin to Hospital

Fernando is choking Martin until he almost dies and then decides to get rid of his body. But unfortunately, Martin regains consciousness and ruins his plans.
Dinora Rosales stays permanently in Martin’s old room. Meanwhile, his best friend, Pepa, visiting him on the hacienda when he couldn’t contacted him by telephone. Then Martin receives his guest although Fernando and Dinora reluctantly allow him.

 The two old friends discuss about the recent situation. In other hand, Gabriela refuses to continue follows the orders of her husband and Dinora. She takes and advantages when Rosario visits the hacienda, asks her to help Gabriela to help Martin outs from the house because she worries about her father’s life.
While, Martin accidentally discovers Fernando and Dinora are kissing passionately and then he decides to tells Gabriela. Fernando tries to stops him, but ended with Martin unconscious. Fernando believes that Martin has died and tries to get rid of his body. But, in the process, Martin regains consciousness and Fernando who shocking, becomes crazy. Gabriela doesn’t has a clue about what happening between Fernando and Martin.
The next day, Martin wakes up in the hospital, confesses that his name is Ferdinand. Doesn’t know where he is now, and begin dreadfully ill. The situation forced to take more painkillers. Finally, in the Reyes’ hacienda, Juan begs Norma to forget about Gabriela and Fernando so they can live happy. But, she can’t stop thinking about her mother, especially when she knows from Manolo and Miguel-Gabriela’s employees, that something weird is happening there. Sarita, Jimena and Norma then willing to find out for themselves what truly happens.


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