Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 19


Episode 57
Gabriela Locked in the Basement

Martin still held in the hospital and the facility administrator, Bustillo asks Fernando for more money to continue covering up the presence of that old man at the facility. In addition, Gabriela discovers that Malcolm is impersonating his father and Fernando, to avoid problems, decides to shut her in the basement of the ranch.

Martin continues disoriented and drugged in the hospital where Fernando puts him. But the administrator and the school nurse are willing to help, but Bustillo blackmails Fernando, demanding more money if he wants to keep Martin on that hospital. Fernando doesn’t agree and commands his bodyguard to give this guy a lesson.
Meanwhile, Fernando converts the Elizondo’s hacienda into a casino and Gabriela continues to living her life like in hell. She insists to Dinora that she wants to meet her father, then Carmela asks Malcolm to disguises as Martin to prevent Gabriela from finding the truth. Carmela’s tricks also allow Sarita, who accompanied by Ruth and Antonio, entering the estate to ensure that her mother and grandfather are in perfect condition.
Gabriela refuses to keep stays in her room and get out. She really wants to meet her father and when she reaches the room, she discovers that Malcolm is impersonating Martin. Gabriela tries to escape from her own house, but prevented by Carmela and Malcolm. To convince her, Fernando says that Martin is hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. But Gabriela doesn’t believe it, and to avoid problem, Fernando chooses to lock her in the basement. Dinora visits Gabriela and proposes to her that in exchange for her freedom, she must signs some letters thus gives her husband an absolute power to manipulate all the Elizondo’s wealthy. Gabriela willing to signs since she worries about her father’s condition.
Fernando goes to Alcalii bar. Armando, the owner and his friend as well, suggest that he should sell the land to avoid problems. While Rosario goes to hacienda to visit Gabriela and Martin, but get caught by Fernando and Dinoraon the road. Then, both of them inform Armando who has been looking his wife, about where Rosario is.
In the end of episode, Juan suffers a riding accident and breaks his leg. Jimenasuggest him that they should sell the jewels which belonged to Eduvina to help the poor. While, Raquel tries to convince Ruth to travel to Spain and lives there with his uncle. But, she refuses it.

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