Smallville Season 10 Exclusive Preview from Comic Con 2010


Finally, there is an exclusive preview from Comic Con 2010. It’s the longest preview I’ve ever seen. Since I’ve been blogging about Smallville, the video trailer from Comic Con for Smallville’s new season usually only take 1-2 minute. But, for the Season 10, it takes 7 minutes.

Lex appears on the Smallville Season 10 trailer. Is Lex backs to Smallville?

What make it takes too long because they inserted some recap from season 1 until season 9. And of course, the video quality isn’t good because it was taken by some viewer on the event. So, thanks for fans who have uploaded the video on Youtube. Now, the other fans from all around the world can watch what will happen in the next season.

To make you more exciting :

In the trailer we will see Lois finds Superman’s costume in Clark’s trunk. While it seems that Lois is in a middle of desert, while Clark is looking for her. And then several random scenes : Hawkman, JSA, Chloe kisses Oliver, Tess is resurrected. Tess finds Lex (I presume he is Lex because he is bald) alive while Lex sees the young Alexander is talking to him.

Chloe is waking up and says to Dr. Emil that she has to find Oliver (probably she is dreaming about kisses Oliver). While Lex is dreaming about having a meeting with Clark. The weird thing is both of them are wearing black rope. There is Kara Zor El too. And then the scene moves into Smallville High School, Fortress of Solitude and Brainiac (I presumes him as Brainiac because the man on the scene has a black eyes just like Brainiac).

Lionel is in the scene too, staring at Lex Luthor. And Clark is in the farm. He is watching Jonathan Kent, while the father is doing something in the barn. Jonathan notices about Clark’s present, smiling. Then they are necking.

Here the trailer, I choose the short trailer that only shows the season 10 part :


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