17 Things You Should Know About The Vampire Diaries


A Funny Guide to Season 2

If you missed the last season of Vampire Diaries, and try to catch up while you are watching the second season. I suggest that you should read this article. Entertainment Weekly has posted an article that recap all elements that we should know about the first season. Also, it gives us recaps about spoilers that has been spreading on the Internet.
So, it’s really useful article. Although I already knew some information on this article, but still I enjoy this article. It’s because the way Entertainment Weekly brings it to me. It was fun, little bit cynical, and entertaining. It started with the short mythology explanation about vampire on this show. What they capabilities, and weaknesses. Also, a brief introduction into the main characters. And then, more valuable information ready to entertain you.
Read the article Vampire Diaries : Everything You Need to Know for Season 2


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