Teresa (Telenovela) Episode 7


Rosa died

Summary of Episode 7

The cardiologist tells them that Rosa died, Teresa doesn't believe it and insists to see her.

Aurora asks the cardiologist the procedure of Rosa's funeral. While, Teresa wants to know why the cardiologist didn't save Rosa. The doctor said that her heart was damaged by congenital heart disease.

Very resentful and hurt, Teresa says that God shows no mercy to them for everything that happened. Refugio shocked by his daughter's reaction, nags and asks her not to blaspheme God.

Johnny feels very guilty for the death of Rosa and says he shouldn't let her competed. Teresa oaths to the body of her sister that she won't cry because of poverty.

Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) gets a call from Aurora, who informs him about Rosa's died.

Esperanza (Fabiola Campomanes) gets a call from Reuben who says he won't see her at night because he will attend his brother's girlfriend funeral.

Teresa wants some private time with her sister's body. But, Arturo (Sebastian Rulli) comes to visit her. Seeing he came, Mariano gets angry and says that everything is fine and he has nothing to do there.

Mariano blames Arturo and says if not because his invitation, Teresa would have come and saw her sister for the last time on the competition.

The whole neighborhood come to say their condolences to the Refugio. Feli announces that the Mexican Council of Sports will pay the expenses of the hospital.

Teresa tells Mariano that her sister died because of her family lack of money to pay better health care.

Teresa goes to the coffin and cries while Arturo hugs her and comforts her.

Teresa tells Arturo about what happened to her sister, Rosa, then introduces him to hear family. He offers them a help and they feel grateful for that.

Mariano tells Aurora that he loves Teresa and what he says breaks her heart.


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