8 Top Earners TV Series Actors for This Fall


Acting absolutely can become your money tree. 

Do you ever wonder how much an actor get paid? Especially for our favorite casts from our favorite TV Series. I found an interesting article that discussed this topic. It turns out that this fall is a bad news for several actors who have been paid big. Absolutely biggest than we-the ordinary people.

If there were some actors who had paid for $ 150,000- $ 200,000 per episode on the recent years. Now, they have to satisfy with earning from $ 75,000-$ 150,000. It’s all because the networks and the studios are trying to recover themselves from the global crisis. And also, the DVR and online viewers are decreasing the ratings for several TV Series while those TV Series depend their profits on the rating and the ads. Although the earning is reducing for about 50 %, if I were one of the actors, I’m cool with that.
TV Guide has released several actors and actresses who becoming the top earners for this fall. Of course because this blog only follows several TV Series so I narrowed it down into the casts. Here, the list:
1. Hugh Laurie ( House ) : $ 400,000 + per episode
2. Tina Fey (30 Rocks): $ 350,000 per episode
3. David Boreanaz ( Bones ) : $ 200,000 per episode
4. Anna Paquin (True Blood ) : $ 75,000 per episode
5. Zachary Levi ( Chuck ) : $ 60,000 per episode
6. Ian Somerhalder ( The Vampire Diaries ) : $ 40,000 per episode
7. Ashley Tisdale (Hellcats) $ 30, 000 per episode
8. Selena Gomez ( Wizard of Waverly Place ) : $ 30, 000 per episode
The list only a glimpse. I’m still wondering about several things, like how much Smallville’s and Supernatural’s casts earning? And how about the rest of The Vampire Diaries’ casts? How much Nina and Paul be paid for each episode? There are no info, but if you want to see the full list of the top earner, visit TV Guide
Wow, I need to take acting class now!


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