Hidden Passion Episode 7


Juan and Norma first meeting
Juan decides that he will kill Gabriela the first time they meet each other, while Oscar keeps trying to convince Juan that his plan will work better. His plan is simply to manipulating the Elizondo sisters so they will falling in love with the Reyes, after that the Reyes could dump them just like what Bernardo did to Libya.
Gabriela, Fernando and Norma are back from the trip. When Fernando expressed his doubt of the Reyes’ capability as workers, Oscar convinces him that they are the right people to handle the cabin’s building. And there is no need to add another workers.
Juan’s chance to choke Gabriela to the dead finally comes when she scolds the Reyes because they were entering the house without her permission. When, he approaches Gabriela, Norma appears and calls her. It’s their first encounter, and both of them are really impressed by each other.


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