Hidden Passion Episode 8


Franco and Juan agree with Oscar’s plan
Norma asks her mother to take an action about her marriage with Fernando. But, Gabriela says that if Norma not doing her duty as a wife, there is nothing she could do. Meanwhile, Oscar and Franco worry about Juan’s attitude after he met Norma.
In the morning, Fernando takes his wife to see the construction. Norma not feel comfortable when she notices that Juan always stares at her, lose her concentration and doesn’t respond her husband’s question. Eventually, Juan who infatuates to Norma, agrees with Oscar’s plan to seduce the Elizondo sisters. In the night, Norma doesn’t understand why, but she can’t help herself to stop thinking about Juan. It makes her can’t sleep.
Despite his love to Rosario, Franco finally accepts Oscar’s plan too. And also agrees when his brother arranges him to seduce Jimena. The next day the game is on. The first step, Franco pretends to be injured, and asks Jimena’s help on the staff room. And at that room, he kisses Jimena. But, the thing not going well when Sarita caught them.
In other time, Gabriela makes Eva jealous when she expresses her plan to visit Ruth, Eva’s daughter.


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