Nina Dobrev talks about relationship among Damon, Elena and Katherine


Finally, there is a written interview with Miss Dobrev, completing our knowledge about what will happen in The Vampire Diaries for this second season through the eyes of main leading actress. Nina Dobrev talks to IGN about many things that we like to know. How she’s trying hard to play two different characters with two different personalities.
Wearing the corset and to add the complication to her, she has to try to play Katherine when the character tries to play Elena. Imagine that. At list she was successful played Katherine very well on Season 1 :

IGN: Now they’ll ask you as if you’re Katherine too.

Dobrev: Yeah. Actually, it was the cutest thing in the world. During the finale, we were shooting it in Covington and there’s the Founder’s Day float, where Elena puts on a big dress and kind of looks like Katherine. And so we were walking through the square and there was this little girl and she couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. Her mom was like, "Hey, look sweetie! There she is! There’s Elena!" And the girl looks up at me and she’s like, "No! No, Mommy!! No, that’s Katherine! No!" And she started almost crying. She was scared of me, because she thought I was Katherine. It was so cute. She didn’t want to come say hi! She was saying hi to Ian and Paul and everyone was signing autographs for the people that were watching, and she said, "No! No, I don’t want to talk to her! She’s scaring me!"
Also, she talks about the relationship between Damon and Elena and answering the most important thing for some fans: Is her on Stefan team or Damon team? We already read that Katerina Graham prefers Stefan than Damon. So, who would Nina chooses?
Read the interview on IGN


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