Hidden Passion Episode 9


Franco tries to force Jimena in the forest

The Elizondo return after visited the Uribe. Then, Eva asks Gabriela about Ruth. It turns out that Eva gave Ruth when she was a baby to get adopted by the Uribe. Also, both Eva and Gabriela shocked by the physical similarity between Libya and Ruth. In other place, Oscar tries to apologize to Sarita for Franco and about what his younger brother did to Jimena (Franco kissed Jimena on the change room, on the previous episode).
While on different place, Norma notices that whenever she meets Juan, he’s always staring at her. Norma feels uncomfortable about it, so she confronts him about it. Their first conversation, though different with what Juan imagines because Norma talks harshly to him. She asks him not to staring at her again.
Without the others concern, Jimena and Franco secretly dating on Sunday. While, Oscar brings his date to the house, which is really makes Juan pissed off. The thing also not really good for Jimena, since her date, Franco tries to force himself when they are in a jungle.
In the end, Norma and Fernando pretend that they are celebrating their one year marriage. They go for a dinner, and meet Rosario Montez on the restaurant.


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