Interview with Ian : Stefan or Elena, which Damon would saves ?


TV Fanatic interviewed Ian Somerhalder about Damon's character development. After being such a nice guy in Season 1, and suddenly changed into what he was on the earlier episodes of Season 1, Ian explains what will happen with Damon for this second season. And also, Ian talked about the favorite issue that fans love to talk about it: Elena, Damon and Stefan.

If Damon had so save either Elena or Stefan, who would it be?
Wow. It couldn’t be save Stefan and Elena and lose his own life? Because I think at the end of the day at this point, truly, because he’s an old man, and he’s fucked up enough, I think that if Damon had to choose between Elena living and him going bye-bye, I think in a heartbeat he would take the latter. He really would.
Here’s the thing: Stefan’s not going to sleep with him. So I definitely have to say that he would save Elena’s life. But Stefan can cook. It’s a total toss up. At the end of the day, the sex always wins over. It is a little odd to cross swords with your brother, but hey.
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    vampire diaries di trans 7 jam tayangnya di ubah jadi jam berapa ya?

  1. Ranu said...:

    @ anonim
    kelihatannya gak diubah. Sabtu dan minggu kemarin (tanggal 2 dan 3 Oktober) jam tayangnya masih sama yaitu jam 22.30 WIB. Yah, mungkin tidak tepat jam 22.30 karena kadang-kadang molor hingga jam 22.45

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