Nina Dobrev : From Emmy Award to The Vampire Diaries Filming Location


We knew that Emmy Award held on August 29th, 2010 and the host was Jimmy Fallon. There are many celebrities attended this most-waited event. One of them is my recent favorite actress, Nina Dobrev. Actually, I’m not put any attention to this event. But, I think that it will interesting you, fans of The Vampire Diaries, if you know what happening in this event through Nina’s experienced.

Recently, Nina shares her experiences attended this event through her Twitter account. So, this article was based on what she had shared. She didn’t give detail information. Her tweet was started from the pre-Emmy Party.

Kathy Griffin and I at pre Emmy Party ! Seeing how heavy the award is !

She was standing with Kathy Griffin, holding the award. Although the picture is blur, but she looked beautiful with her black dress. Then, she shared her opinion about the party :

Emmys, off the stage- my seat. Phew ! Didn’t fall! So much fun to sing and dance with such a incredible group of people! Surreal experience

I bet you were, Nina! Then, she shared her photo before the event started. "Emmys!" she wrote shortly. She changed her dress, but still looked beautiful. After the event, she only stated that the Emmy were incredible, and as usual she went to airport, back to Atlanta, Georgia. She was preparing to filming The Vampire Diaries Season 2 in the morning.

While in the journey to Atlanta, she wrote to Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter account: "So fun hanging out/working with you this weekend. Show was amazing. Opening went well. No one fell, so that’s a plus!!"

And the last tweet from her account was about her journey from the airport into the filming location:

Airport to Set- taking a nap in my dressing room and then going to shoot some TVD-should b exhausted BUT going on adrenaline. Surpisingly OK

Well, it looks like everyone on The Vampire Diaries working hard now for Season 2. I hope this new season will be great....

Updated :
Remember, I'm not US citizen, so I didn't watch the premiere. Luckily, there was a re-run at Global TV, Indonesia. So, I've a chance to watched Emmy. I was surprised when Nina suddenly jumped and joining Jimmy Fallon and his team. Singing and dancing with Glee's casts, Tina Fey and the others. That was great, really funny and entertaining.

That was 6 minutes worthy to watched moment. Although I disappointed because I'm not seen her again during the Emmy. Do you wondering what Ian Somerhalder said about her performing :

BTW ninadobrev is signing and dancing at the opening of Emmys! Talented woman she is..

He even visited where Nina is chosen as one of the best five and asked his fans to vote Nina as the best-dressed at Emmy Award :

Holy cow! Vote Nina Dobrev best dressed at the Emmys! She was!

It looks like all Ian's fan following his suggestion. Because the temporary result for Nina was 93 %. 

See The rehearsal and backstage photos at Nina Dobrev Network
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