Smallville Season 10 :Will Kara backs as Supergirl ?

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It looks like that Clark will learn something from his cousin. All because in this last season of Smallville, Kara (Laura Vandervoort) will back as Supergirl. William Keck from has interviewed Laura Vandervoort and executive producer Kelly Souders about this. Laura said that Kara is returning in a "very heroic way." It could be that her wish to be seen as Supergirl before she has taken off finally granted.
While Kelly said: "She’s less Kara and more Supergirl.." Her costume would be little more evolved that the Blur was. And after doing a heroic save to the World, she has to take on an alter ego, which is Linde Lee Danvers. Sounders says that Kara will be an inspiration for our hero, Clark Kent. After almost 10 years, the fans are waiting to see several things like flying, the costume, secret identity, etc. Hope that this is not too late for Clark to start something that he should start for a long time ago.


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