Hidden Passion Episode 13


Jimena decides to go out with Leandro 


Leandro and Benito go out to dinner with Sarita and Jimena.
Quintina comes to the Reyes home and finally accepts the offer to work as the new maid. Her first job is to take care Franco who’s on recovery.
Meanwhile, Sarita is furious when she finds out that they will have dinner at Alcala bar. In other hand, Jimena is OK with that and even get drunk.
The bar manager informs Rosario that her contract was canceled because Armando, the new manager, want it. Jimena finally decides that she will approve the engagement plan with Leandro, just because she sees it as a way out to has more freedom.
Norma and Juan start their forbidden relationship. While, Eva who accidentally knows about it, confronts Oscar about what his older brother has been doing with Norma


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