Hidden Passion Episode 15


Norma and Juan are kissing in a corner of the hacienda

Raquel and Martin are debating about almost everything when they meet. Sarita doesn't believe Jimena and Leandro relationship. While, Franco is surprised after find out what their true intentions.

Norma rejects her husband again, not only because her trauma, but also because her love to Juan. Norma and Juan meet in the corner of hacienda and kissing. Eva accidentally catches them and scolds Norma. The young lady explains about the fact that Juan is the only man who can make her comfortable. The man who she wants both physically and emotionally.

Leandro and Jimena are out for dating, but without anyone concerns Jimena actually meets Franco in a nightclub. Rosario comes to meet Franco, but there is only Quintina who doesn't like this bar singer. Quintina warns her to stay away from Franco.


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