Hidden Passion Episode 16


Franco proposes Jimena

Armando comes to ask a favor of money to Fernando. Franco sees him and gets very nervous. Fernando asks for the money to his mother-in-law, saying that it is for business. Norma manages her way to meet Juan on the employee room where he says that he needs to be with her.
Then, Norma suggests that they should meet in somewhere else. But, without their concern Oscar already follows them and sees them kissing on the employee room. He worries that his plan will be ruined by Juan. Oscar prepares a backup plan, he pushes Franco to be more aggressive with Jimena.
While in the other hand, Leandro starts to get intrigued by the mysterious man who Jimena meets every night, wondering who he is. On a dating night, Franco proposes Jimena while there is also Rosario. The situation becomes uncomfortable whether for Jimena, Franco and Rosario.
Notices that her husband will go out, Norma leaves a note to Juan about where they should meet. Juan is waiting there with his  pounding heart, while Norma confidently leads this man to their room. This couple is spending a passionate night.


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