Inside The Vampire Diaries - Season 2 Part 1

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Interview with Kevin Williamson

I've uploaded behind the scene and interview series "Inside The Vampire Diaries" on my Youtube channel.

So, this video is the first part from Inside The Vampire Diaries series for Season 2. Candice Accola hosts this session and will accompany us to take a tour on The Vampire Diaries production. The first part is an interview with Kevin Williamson, the executive producer and head writer.

Both of them are answering fans questions that they asked from Facebook Fan Page (I should join the group soon). Well, frankly there are no new information that we don't hear yet. The questions and answers already had covered on some many events such Comic Con 2010, and several interviews that have been spreading around the Internet.
But, I think it gives us confirmations about what will happen on this season. There are several Q & A that I think important:
Did Katherine came back to kill Elena?
Kevin said that the answer is no. Why? That is very obvious, if Katherine's really want to kill her doppelganger descendant, she will do it very quickly and probably had done it since very beginning of this season.

Would we see more Stefan's dark sides?
Mr. Williamson said yes.

Will Elena becomes a vampire in order to kill Katherine?

Well, Kevin said that the storyline will discuss that. But this not becomes the first option.

Will Elena ever falls to the evil Damon?
Ah...this is a diplomatic answer. He said that he doesn't know yet because practically we are on several first seasons.

What the biggest surprises that the producers and writers prepare for fans?
The doppelganger aspect between Elena and Katherine. They will answer the question why Elena looks like Katherine. Kevin said that there is one direct answer that will covering this aspect. They will kill us by providing us one revelation to another revelation. Little information here, and little information there.

Candice and Kevin also discussed Caroline. Several questions like what the difference and similarity between Candice and Caroline (be sides their initial names) and how Candice prepares herself to play this character. Well, Caroline really anything about her make up and wardrobe than Candice. The only similarity is when it comes to prepare party and event.

One thing that we know from this session is that the casts probably just like us, they don't know anything except the information that the writers and producers told them.
By the way, the car is excellent.


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