Taylor Kinney talks about Mason and Katherine


You're lucky, dude!
Well, Mason and Katherine blew our minds on the last episode of our favorite TV Series. I thought that he's naive and has been used by Katherine. But, I was wrong. Taylor gave his opinion about Mason and Katherine relationship in The Vampire Diaries Season 2 and how he enjoyed the kiss scenes  with Nina Dobrev (and tried hard not too excited about it):

Last week the huge bombshell was dropped – Mason is one of the countless dudes under vampiress Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev's) spell.  Will Mason be another one of her casualties?
Mason’s not that na├»ve. He geniuinely has an affection and passion for Katherine. As of now, if there’s any possibility of her trying to manipulate a situation to get one up on him, maybe he’s molded a little, but I don’t think he cares. It’s one of those things where he met her, say a year ago, and he fell in love with her. That’s in the forefront of his mind.
How are you enjoying those scenes with Nina? It must be incredibly hard work pretending to be her boyfriend.
Oh my god, are you kidding me? You try not to get too excited about it but yeah, she’s beautiful! She kills that character so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get excited to shoot those scenes. That’s the cream on the cake kind of stuff.
But there have to be some relationships issues when a vampire dates a werewolf. 
I was wondering what would happen if they procreated. What is the vampire-werewolf mix? What would you call it?
A vamp-wolf?
A werepire? Yeah, it’s a werepire and it’s a hybrid and it has all the powers and abilities of a vampire plus a werewolf and it becomes a superpower. The only way it could die is if it bit itself in the neck on a full moon.
Werepires: coming soon to Vampire Diaries?
I’d like to see that. That’s gonna be big in the genre now – the werepire. Nobody’s going to see it coming. It’s perfect.

That's just a part of his interview. Read his opinion about Taylor Lautner on Celebuzz.com


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