Hidden Passion Episode 48


Armando tells Fernando that the Reyes are murderers

Gabriela tells Raquel about Eva's betrayal. Raquel decides to talk to Eva and forbids her to come near Ruth. Meanwhile, Martin accuses his daughter for being unfair to Eva. The problems keep coming and some people seem happy to add a fire to the fuel, for instance is Armando who tells Fernando that the Reyer are murderers.
While, Norma and Jimena are back to the ranch. Raquel also prohibits her daughter, Ruth, to come near Oscar.
Fernando then fires Eva and tells her to leave immediately. Olegario who believes that what is happening to Eva isn't fair, takes her to the Trueba ranch. Eva then works with Genaro.
She helps Eduvina who's depressed because the absence of Franco. Oscar finally comes home. But, he couldn't rest and comes to the Elizondo hacienda.


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