The Complete Episode Guide of Hidden Passion


Yesterday, I was frustration when I knew that my primary resource to the Pasion de Gavilanes’ episode guide has gone. Yes, it’s gone. Every time I tried to access it, it always redirected me to new link. Finally I knew, that Antenna3 has been airing another version of Hidden Passion, it called Gavilanes. So, the old pages about Pasion de Gavilanes, including the episode guide, have been redirecting to this new telenovela.
I thought to said this on my blog : I’m sorry, I couldn’t continue provide you, my readers about the episode guide anymore. But, it’s hard for me. So, I tried to found out another resource. With the help of Google Translate Tools, I finally found the new resource about our favorite telenovela. And better, it’s more complete than the previous resources.

There is one problem, I’ve been posting the episode guide and now it’s reach part 19. How will I tell you about this? So, these are my solutions : First, I will posting the episode guide from new resource from the very beginning (episode 1). The total reach 65 episodes.
Second, I’ll trying to continue the last episode guide and reconnected it with the new one. My previous episode guide was titled Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part XX. So, from now and then, the new episode guide will titled Hidden Passion Episode X. And I’ll add the episode’s number on the old articles. So, it won’t confuse you ( I hope not). So, what do you think ? Please let me now.

Episode 1 Episode 26 Episode 50
Episode 2 Episode 27 Episode 51
Episode 3 Episode 28 Episode 52
Episode 4 Episode 29 Episode 53
Episode 5 Episode 30 Episode 54
Episode 6 Episode 31 Episode 55
Episode 7 Episode 32 Episode 56
Episode 8 Episode 33 Episode 57
Episode 9 Episode 34 Episode 58
Episode 10 Episode 35 Episode 59
Episode 11Episode 36 Episode 60

Episode 12 Episode 37 Episode 61
Episode 13 Episode 38 Episode 62
Episode 14 Episode 39 Episode 63  
Episode 15 Episode 40 Episode 64
Episode 16 Episode 41 Episode 65
Episode 17 Episode 42
Episode 18 Episode 43
Episode 19 Episode 44
Episode 20 Episode 45
Episode 21 Episode 46
Episode 22 Episode 47
Episode 23 Episode 48
Episode 24   Episode 48  
Episode 25 Episode 49


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