Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 "Like A Virgin" Official Synopsis


The CW has provided an official synopsis for the 12th episode of our favorite TV Series, Supernatural. This new episode will be airing on January 28th, 2011:
DEATH RETURNS FOR A MEETING WITH DEAN — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) anxiously wait for Sam (Jared Padalecki) to wake up to see if Death (guest star Julian Richings) was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. Bobby sends Dean to a doctor who owns the only weapon in the world that can slay a dragon, but Dean must prove himself worthy enough to take it. Posted on MyDailyPlanet. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Adam Glass (#612).
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