Glee’s three main characters out from 4th season


Three main characters on Glee: Rachel, Finn and Kurt are made sure absence in season 4 of this popular TV Series. It is said directly by Ryan Murphy, Glee creator to The Hollywood Reporter after various rumors were spread about whom will out from the TV show.

The decision was taken because characters that are played by Lea Michelle, Cory Montheith and Chris Colfer is narrated will graduate at the end of season 3. "We can just hold them on this TV Series for 6 years, but audiences will mock you for not being realistic," writer and director, Ryan Murphy, who finally decided to make these three characters out because they will have graduated from McKinley Highschool.

"We made that decision and already involved Chris and Lea on discussion. They agree that it was a good idea. They believed with the script that was made and believed me. For them, it would be really fun to have a chance to resign from the TV series when they are famous now," the director explained.

Murphy revealed a bit about what will happen in third season, he will emphasize Rachel's story. "It's not on her love story with Finn, but more to her dream after she will have graduated and how she will make it true," he revealed passionately.

"The last days at high school indeed supposed to be about this," he added.

The Glee director, with Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, already wrote storied that involve various characters, such as Glee members' parents after discussions about college times were heating up.

One thing that is sure there will be new characters join Glee's New Directions. However, it seems Murphy doesn't want to make Glee fans to breathe. It is because he said many characters will be out then stay on Glee Club. "Whoever stay and graduate will be revealed on the early episodes in third season that will be airing September, 20th," he said.


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