Taxi Driver Classic film on Blu-ray


A home video package from a movie, which had 4 Oscar nominations has been launched several times. Of course each newest version always has superiority than the previous version. Now, after 35 years since its initial release, Taxi Driver   is released on high definition Blu-ray with significant quality enhancement.

On this newest package, Taxi Driver is visualized with 1.85:1 aspect ratio. It was converted with MPEG-4 AVC codec on 1080p resolution. If previously there were various textures found on screen, now everything looks sharper, and with various colors, especially skin color looks more real. While black color looks dark, but solid.

Colors and contrast are sharp enough, which make some scenes, such as close-up to Travis Bickle's eyes looks better than on DVD version. Not only that, various details that were unseen before now look clearly, such as detail of Travis' apartment, or light's texture that becomes background.

It also has great audio quality. Using DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 format, including dubbing on France and Portugese, various sounds will be stomping all rooms. Various background music sounds more intense than before. The audios sound dynamic, its LFE very spectacular, while various channels successful to deliver various sounds.

On the Blu-ray of this classic film, there are a lot of features, which are guaranteed can satisfy Martin Scorsese's movies lovers. The bonuses are Interactive Script to Screen, Original 1986 Commentary with Director Martin Scorsese and Writer Paul Schrader recorded by The Criterion Collection, Commentaries by Writer Paul Schrader and by Professor Robert Kolker, Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver, Producing Taxi Driver, God's Lonely Man, Influence and Appreciation, Taxi Driver Stories, Making Of Documentary, Travis' New York - The changes of New York from 1975 to today, Travis' New York Locations - We visit the famous locations in New York City 2006 and compare them to the same locations in 1975, Storyboard to Film Comparisons with Martin Scorsese Introduction, Animated Photo Galleries, MovieIQ Live, and of course BD Live Enabled.

Conclution :

Taxi Driver is one of the best classic film that has ever been existed. And now, in high definition format that has better technical quality from the previous version, also equipped with plenty feature bonuses, it is a must-have Blu-ray for your movie collections.

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