Telenovela Teresa Episode 8


Luisa melts when she meets Teresa

Aurora talks with Aida. She tells Aida that she thought she feels lonely because she missed her mom. Then, she realizes that she met a guy and likes him a lot, but doesn't know what she should do. Aida offers her some suggestions.

Johnny and Armando can't even work. Johnny tells him if Armando feels tired, he can go home and takes a rest and he will take over. Armando says that he is not tired, but in pain. Johnny confesses to him that he felt in love with Rosita and never thinks he can find another love.

Teresa talks to Aurora, she says that they should fix the situation between them. Mariano explains that he loves Teresa, but he doesn't like to be the one who ruins the relationship between Teresa and Aurora. Teresa thanks to him for his confession and says that these days she realizes that she has a feeling for Mariano.

Aurora finds out that Teresa went to Hector and thank him for the money he gave for hospital bills. Mariano asks Aurora about the relationship between Teresa and Hector. Aurora says that there is no relationship between them because Teresa loves him.

Luisa is surprised when she sees Teresa. She says that Teresa doesn't need to go to work. But, Teresa says that she will work well, no distraction and exception because she needs to work and needs money.
Luisa is surprised and acknowledges that she had misjudged and hugs Teresa. Teresa smiles as she has won Luisa.


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