Teresa (Telenovela) Episode 4


Summary of Telenovela Teresa Episode 4

Rosita discomfort continues

Aurora tells Teresa that Mariano wants to be her boyfriend. Mariano meets both of them and is surprised to know that they are friends. Teresa uses the situation to make it looks bad, telling Aurora that he is a driver and not a student.

Esperanza (Fabiola Campomanes) explains to Ruben (Manuel Landeta) that she has to work since her brother is sick and her parents want her to work at hospital. Ruben gives her money and tells her to talk with a good doctor and ask for help.

Aurora ends up saving the situation, she offers to help if Mariano (Aaron Diaz) needs anything, she gives him her card. Mariano thanks her and offers her friendship. Mariano invites her to enjoy some ice cream and she accepts.

Aurora feels nervous when she is talking with Mariano (Aaron Diaz) and tells him that she is going to medical school. Mariano gets excited and says that it's an exciting major.

Teresa confesses to Aurora that Mariano loves Teresa. Aurora asks if she is interested in him. Teresa says that if they had a relationship, it would be deobligated and unstable.

Rosita finishes her workout. She feels exhausted, excited. To congratulate her, Johnny kisses her. And because the kiss, they become lovers. Mariano asks Teresa why she humiliated him in front of Aurora. He believes it was a jealousy.

Armando tells Rosita to stop visit gymnastic. She begs him to change his decision. Armando asks Refugio to bring Rosita to a doctor, she says she will, but instead she is being asked to speak with Teresa to cancel her idea of going to college.

Arthur goes to pick up Teresa, but finds out about Mariano and he is furious about it.


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