Google Trends : The Most Favorite Gossip Girl Cast

Blake Lively is the winner

Gossip Girl now airing on Trans-7, Indonesia. Personally, I’m curious about who is the most favorite or most wanted cast on Gossip Girl. Again, using Google Trends, I try to find the winner. I’m delimitating this simple research only four Gossip Girl casts. There are Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen), Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), Chace Crawford ( Nate Archibald), Leighton Meester ( Blair Waldorf).
Details of this research is this according how many keyword that search those cast in several countries and cities or regions. And held from 2004 until 2008. Please click the graphic below to more clear info :


From a graphic above, the conclusion is look like Blake Lively who portrayed Serena van der Woodsen become the winner. After Blake, respectively Chace Crawford ( Nate Archibald), Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and the last Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass). Ed became not popular maybe in this series, he portrayed antagonist character. A bad guy type. Unfortunately, I was forgot to add Pen Badgley ) on these lists. Sorry ! For next articles maybe I will be researched about who is the most popular between main cast on Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes, and Gossip Girl. Or maybe you have a good idea to share ?


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