Review for The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 "By The Light of the Moon "


Full moon is coming. While our bad ass team is preoccupied to protect Elena, Tyler is preparing his first debut as a wolf. The problem becomes more complicated since Tyler isn't the only werewolf in the town. Other wolf is coming and it seems she has another werewolves friends. She has been marked Damon, and probably pissed off since she knew that Damon was involved in Mason's missing case. Don't be surprise if she calls her pals to visit Mystic Falls soon.

Tyler panics

Tyler really panics. It's a day before full moon. And although Tyler has a plan, he thinks that he isn't ready yet. So, he calls Mason. Apparently, there is no Mason in his apartment. It's his female friend, Jules.

Elena is trapped in her own house

Everybody pissed off to Elena after her kamikaze mission. When I said everybody, it's Bonnie and Jeremy. Well, they have a right since each of them is put her/his life in danger only to retrieve the moonstone.
But, it's Elena, and she is really stubborn. After she has an argument with Bonnie about how to handle the situation, she steals the stone. Then, she's pretending that she wants to visit Stefan. Well, Bonnie isn't buying it.
Jeremy then tells her that Elena stole the stone. The weird thing is Bonnie just let her go. Why? Well, Elena is successful to open the door. But, when she tries to leave, something invisible blocks her. She is shocked and panics. "What did you do?" she asks Bonnie.
Guess what? Bonnie has cast a spell to trap Elena with an invisible wall in her own house.

Beware; the new and hot werewolf is coming to the town

Tyler already done his preparation and is heading to Lockwood's stellar. But, there is a surprise when Jules suddenly appears in his door. Apparently his previous call made Jules suspicious and wonders where the hell Mason is. So, she came to Mystic Falls to find him.

When Tyler meets Caroline in the grill, he informs her that Mrs. Lockwood was panicked. And that she was on the phone with Liz Forbes when he left. Alaric is on the grill too. And he happens to sit close where they are talking.
Then he calls Damon, informs him that Sheriff is officially announce that Mason is a missing person. He also informs that there is a Mason's girlfriend came to the town. In other place, when Jules leaves the Lockwood's house, she calls her friend. On the conversation, we know that she knew that Mason's nephew is another werewolf. And that Mason has lied before.

This hot woman (thank God, finally there is something for male fans) then goes to the Grill. She is looking for Tyler. It just rights when Damon and Alaric are discussing her. Damon doesn't like the situation and decides that they should find out whether this woman is a werewolf or not. How? Remember how Mason proved to Liz that the Salvatores are vampires? Well, Damon wants to use the same way, especially after he knew about the wolfsbane.

Tyler’s preparation

Well, if we are talking about the wolfsbane, Caroline brought it for Tyler. Mason was drinking it on his first transformation, so it would be weakened him. So, Tyler plans the same thing. He is preparing everything: the chains, the spandex, the wolfsbane cocktail.

Let’s find out if Jules is a werewolf, shall we!

In Damon's plan, Alaric should disguise into a town drunker. And he should try to seduce Jules. It looks like a reverse role when Alaric acts like Damon. The difference is Damon still be himself. It's not fair!
So, the show starts. A drunken Alaric is offering a drink to Jules. Then, Damon pretends that he wants to save her for the awkward moment. While, they are talking, Alaric puts the wolfsbane into her drink.

Katherine is seducing Stefan

What will you do if that you are madly in love in someone and he always rejects you? Then, both of you now are trapped and can go nowhere? I think you will do exactly what Katherine does to Stefan.
She's talking bla...bla..bla and then she's teasing him "It's stuffy and I've been in this dress for days. You want to help me get out of it?" She quickly removes her dress. And seeing her only in her underwear, I think whatever exercise that Nina Dobrev is doing. It really works.

She's provoke him about what could be happening out there when Elena just with Damon. Damon is a womanizer and she says that one thing sure is Damon would seduce Elena. Stefan couldn't resist her and then they are kissing passionately. And they are wildly pushing each other. It just happens until Stefan wakes up. Wait? Wake up?
Apparently Katherine is messing Stefan's head up while he was sleeping. She is starving, but yet she still has an ability to mess somebody's dream up.

Hi, I’m Elijah!

Jenna told Alaric previously in the Grill that Mrs. Lockwood asked for her help. Since Mrs. Lockwood is busy to replace her husband's position and Jenna's older sister has almost all of Mystic Falls' history records, Caroline asked Jenna to assist a researcher.

So, she digs all old records and puts it on boxes, which make Elena curious. When they are talking, Jenna is aware that the researcher is standing right behind the door. So, she opens the door and a person who standing there shocked Elena. "Hi, I'm Elijah!"
Yes, Elijah is disguising as a researcher. And now he's on her house. And when Jenna escorts him to the porch, Elena is running to the upstairs like hell. She is trying to go to Jeremy's room. But, when she's knocking Jeremy's room, Elijah already stands there. He gives her a signal to cancel what she wants to do. So, when Jeremy finally opens the door, the freaking out Elena lies to him. She's saying that Jenna asks for his help.
"What do you want?" Elena asks him after Jeremy left.
"I think it's time you and I had a little chat!" Elijah calmly says. That's creepy.

You have been marked, Damon!

Damon is trying to use his irresistible charm to make Jules drinks her wolfsbane cocktail. He's talking and talking. But, this woman just calms and doesn't drink at all. Finally, Jules gets tired to follow his game.

"You fool! You think you clever, don't you?" Jules says angrily. Apparently she already knew that Damon is a vampire since she entered the Grill. She sniffed him with her werewolf's ability. And when they are debating, Jules's threatening him: "..tonight. It's not the night to pick a fight with me. You've been marked!"

Is the moonstone really destroyed?


Bonnie came to the Luka's house and she asks for a help. She wants to find out how to disconnect the bind between a talisman and a spell. And Luka is so generous when he says that they could find out the way.
Later, it seems they finally find out the way to break it. And now, they are performing the ritual. It's not taking a long time when finally the moonstone is exploded like fireworks. Is it really that simple?

Tyler is transforming

The full moon finally comes. Tyler has drunk the wolfsbane. What I could say the transformation is really dramatic. He's screaming painfully when his arm is breaking due to the transformation. His skin is burned. And his body is on agony.

Caroline wants to be there for him. But, when the transformation almost complete, Tyler is loose his control and starts to attack her. She has no choice, but runs away.

“Here’s the deal! “

So, Elijah wants to make a deal with Elena. He wants to use her to lurk Klaus out. According to his explanation, Klaus became paranoid and is recluse in a place that nobody knows. If the word that the doppelganger is alive out, the will be a line of vampires eager to take her. And Elijah doesn't want that.
So, what Elena should do just stop fight, and continues her life. When the time comes, both of them will draw Klaus out and Elijah will kill him. While, he will use his witches friends to protect everybody else saves.
Is what he says really true? I don't really know. But what I do know is that Elijah is a man of his words. Well, Elena doesn't have any choice. It's better to have him on your side than against him. But, there is one condition.

A werewolf bites Rose


Damon was pissed off and tried to chase Jules. But, Alaric persuaded him to let her go. It's a full moon and what Damon tried to do was a suicide. Damon then went home. In the boarding house, he's freaking out.
Especially when he notices something is breaking his house. Apparently it's Rose. She comes to apologize. In the middle of conversation, they hear a sound of glass breaking. When they check it out, a wolf already there and is attacking him. Rose, who sees that Damon is in a danger, pushes him away. Damon is out of danger, but the wolf bites Rose as a result.
Damon stabs it with his sword. And then the wolf runs with its super speed. Both of them relieve when they find out that the wound is healing.

Your release has been requested


Stefan is playing a mind game with Katherine. He tricks her to prove that she really loves him. That's something make sense. Kat always say that she loves Stefan. But, she never proves it. Elena says the same thing, and yet she put herself in dangers for Stefan. So, why should Stefan believe in Kat?
Kat finally offer a help to track Klaus. She suggests that he should start with Isobel. Elena's mother proved herself as a great researcher when she was able to track Kat. In the middle of conversation, something is breaking into the tomb.
When they finally know that it's Elijah, Kat is freaking out. "Your release has been requested." Elijah says to Stefan. He then explains briefly about what happened to Stefan. When Stefan is able to exit the tomb, Kat is trying to out too. But, Elijah stops her and compels her to stay.

A werewolf’s bite is killed

Damon and Rose relieve when they find out that her wound is healing. Rose is offering to help him save Elena. Why? She says that she likes him and believes in friendship. They could be friends. Yeah, they are friends with benefits.

In the middle of passionate kiss, Rose feels that her shoulder is hurt. When they check it, the wound appears again and it's bubble.

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    the english is agonizing and english is not my first language...

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    really? English isn't my first language either and I have tried my best..sorry if it's not help you...

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    i really love the scene of Tyler and Caroline together..

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