Smallville Season 8 Episode 16


Episode #8-16: "Turbulence" 2009

Directed By: Kevin Fair

CW released the episode description for Smallville 3.16 “Turbulence” -

TESS SETS A TRAP FOR CLARK — Tess (Cassidy Freeman) invites Clark (Tom Welling) to a press conference in New York but when an explosion rocks the private jet they are on, Clark must figure out how to save them without Tess learning his secret. Unbeknownst to Clark, Tess orchestrated the explosion to get Clark to reveal his powers. Meanwhile, Davis (Sam Witwer) discovers a surprising way to control the monster within. Kevin Fair directed the episode written by Turi Meyer & Al Septien

"Turbulence" as a title refers to interactions between Clark and Tess on Oliver’s jet as well as turbulence associated with Jimmy’s return from his coma.

- Tess takes Clark out of town with her to an important press conference in another city.

- Clark tries to find out from Tess how much Lex had actually told her about him.

- Jimmy reacts violently seeing Davis and has an angry outburst towards Chloe.

- Davis visits a cathedral where he confesses that he has hurt people that he cares about.

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