Why Smallville Special Part 2


The New Interpretation of Superman’s Myths.

The journey that Smallville take to stripped the young Man of Steel to his root bring new, fresh and unique myths about Superman. There are no interpretation like Smallville ever. Although it could break and burned Smallville, the producers have a guts to drive Smallville in a new way.

There are some period ( in fact until now) that shocked Smallvillers. There is to long to discusses all new myths’s interpretations. But we are remember when Clark shocked ( like we all did ) when he found Jor El’s message that he was sent to the Earth " to conquer and rules world like a god among human..."

That was the first big surprised that shocked us. We have already know abut the myths that Jor-El sent Kal-El to guide human and be their role model ( like in Superman Return). The relationship among father and son itself be another surprises. We introduced to another Jor-El and another form of relationship among Jor-El and Clark. They are like enemies. Jor-El’s relationship with Clark, posthumous though it is, can best be described as turbulent. Throughout the series, Clark defies Jor-El countless times and, each time, always has to deal with the repercussions.

And the second is that young Jor-El during flashbacks showing Jor-El visiting Smallville in the early 1960s, in the episode "Relic." During his time on Earth, Jor-El had an affair with Lana Lang’s aunt, only for her to be shot and killed by Lex Luthor’s grandfather. And he has moral duty to the Kent, and Kal-El sent to Smallville is not a accidental but have a specific reason.

Third is legend about Katwache cave, Sagath and Naman. The Legend about two best friend that become eternal enemies. It associated to eternal battle between good and evil. It that time, it brought another question about relationship between Clark and Lex.

It revealed later that the legend fulfilled on their relationship. Some unknown power pressure Lex to turned to his darkest side. And another opposite power influenced Clark to belief that his destiny is about saving people.

Fourth, the journey that Clark took to collected three elements. It is another fresh myths about Smallville. On comic or movies, we learned that Clark found the crystal on the barn. And that it lead Clark to Arctic and when it thrown away it created a Fortress of Solitude. But in Smallville, Clark has to carving out to found three elements.

And now, we see Doomsday on Smallville with different version. Personally, I am still wondering what else ? What another surprises that Smallville keep from us ? As we know there are two new producers that replaced Al Gough and Milles Millar and that Smallville will go to next season.

to be continued...

Did you know ?

Some people wondering about relationship between Clark and Lex. On other shows and on comic books they are enemies. so, how come they become a best friend ?

Actually on comic books Adventura # 271 (1962) and Birthright on 2004 ( remember on final season of season 7 when Clark argue with Lex on Fortress and Lex said " It is my birthright..?" Lex described as Clark’s friend on Smallville and cause some accident on the lab, Lex hate Superboy.


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