Hot Women on Smallville Part 2


Now, we continues to part 2 of this articles (Read Part 1). Creating a list of hottest female guest stars of Smallville. Lets see who’s next :

5. Brianna Brown (Abby)

Appear on : Smallville Season 4 Episode Facade

Status : Under the treatment on Belle Reeve ?

Brianna Brown portrayed Abby, a not pretty girl whom her mother is a surgeon. She always be mock target of the seniors. Some day, Clark want to help her when she humiliated by the seniors but he failed. After disappeared for years ( I guess), she back on the senior years. Not as ugly duckling but as a queen beauty. Every man who humiliated her now become crush on her. But, her pretty face actually because her mother favor who gave her a nip/tuck operation. And it definitely not regular nip/tuck but kryptonite nip/tuck. So, to maintain her beauty Abby has to suck human’s essence of life. Brianna made a tearful appearance on this episode with her some nude appearance and her famous kissed with Kristin Kreuk ( Lana Lang).

Mini Biography :

Brianna Lynn Brown (born October 2, 1979) is an American actress. She played the leading roles of ’Barb’ in the 2006 horror film Night of the Living Dead 3D, and ’Sheryl’ in the 2007 horror film Timber Falls. Her most significant supporting roles to date have been in the Judd Apatow comedies The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Television shows she has guest or co-starred in include CSI, Smallville, Entourage, Without a Trace, The Closer and Criminal Minds. Read More...

Her Biography on IMDB

Her Video on Youtube

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6. Nichole Hiltz (Simone)

Appear on : Smallville Season 5 Episode

Status : Dead

Simone is hypnotist. Lex using her to made Clark and Lana broke up. Lex black mailed her using her secret that she had murdered her father just to stolen his magical stone. With the magical stone, her hypnotic ability can increasing drastically. Every men on the Earth will takes a bow and lose their control when she uses it. And it mean Clark too.
Clark and Lana have a several issues, one of those are because Clark kept the secret and seem avoid her. And he looks like do not want to spent a time to having "special moment" with Lana. So, when Lana caught them flirting she furious and broken hearted. Simone did her job so well but it ended with her dead.

Mini biography :

Nichole Hiltz (born September 3, 1978) is an American actress. Before breaking into films and tv shows, she worked as a bartender. She has been in such films as May, A Midsummer Night’s Rave, and the Sci Fi Channel movie All Souls Day. She has also had small roles in such movies as Shallow Hal, Dude, Where’s My Car? and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Hiltz made guest appearances on such television shows as NYPD Blue, The O.C., Strong Medicine, Cold Case, The Shield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, V.I.P., CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Smallville. She also recently appeared in three episodes of Desperate Housewives. She plays the semi-regular character Ginny Dannegan in The Riches and just wrapped principal photography of the horror film Trailer Park of Terror.

Hiltz was engaged to Canadian actor Mike Smith (of Trailer Park Boys fame).[1] The two actors met during the filming of Trailer Park Boys: The Big Dirty.

Hiltz currently plays Brandi Shannon on USA’s hit series "In Plain Sight" Read More...

Her biography on IMDB

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7. Christina Millian ( Rachel Davenport)

Appear : Smallville Season 7 Episode

Status : Alive

Rachel Davenport is an actress. Some day, Warrior Angel filming on Smallville. And it takes Kent Farm as the set of filming. She played as the Warrior Angel’s girlfriend. But, some maniac fan of Warrior Angel sabotage the filming process and almost killed her. Luckily there are Clark there saving her with an amazing movement. But, the maniac now not only sabotage the filming but tried to killed Lana cause Lana stand in the way Clark to fulfill his destiny to saving the world.

Mini biography :

Christine Flores (born September 26, 1981), better known by her stage name Christina Milian (pronounced /ˌmɪliˈɑ�n/), is an American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actress. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Milian moved to Los Angeles when she was 13 years old, desiring to be an actress. By the time she was 17, Milian had begun writing songs to help her obtain a recording contract. Milian has released three studio albums, and is currently recording a fourth album, Elope, which is scheduled for a late summer or fall release.

Milian’s self-titled debut album was released in 2001, and features the singles "AM to PM" and "When You Look at Me"; both peaked in the top three on the UK Singles Chart. The singer’s second studio album, It’s About Time (2004), provided her first major hit "Dip It Low". Milian’s third studio album, So Amazin’ (2006), produced the first and only single of the album, "Say I". A month after the release of So Amazin’, Milian’s representative confirmed that she had left the Island Def Jam record label due to "creative differences".Milian is working to release her new album, Elope, under a joint venture between Radio Killa, Interscope and MySpace Records. The album’s first single, "Us Against the World", was written by Milian.

Although Milian is best known for her singing career, she originally wanted to be an actress. Her first lead role was in the 2003 film Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and subsequently had main roles in Be Cool and the horror film Pulse. Milian is set to appear in the straight-to-DVD film Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. Milian has been described as a role model, and her mother manages her musical and theatrical careers.

Her Biography on IMDB

Her Video on Youtube

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8. Charlotte Sullivan (Maxima )

Appear : Smallville Season 8 Episode 4 Instinct

Status : Sent back to Almerac

Who do not know Maxima, queen of Almerac ? She survives from the battle for looking a perfect mate. There are no men on the Almerac who can stand up and match her. So, desperately she is looking Mr. Right. When she catch the signal from Fortress of Solitude’s crystal she is exciting cause she remembered about the legend that there were a Kryptonian who deserve stand next to her. On her queen’s side. So, she came to Earth, looking the Kryptonian and spread the deadly kisses.

Mini Biography :

Charlotte Sullivan (born October 21, 1983) is a Canadian actress. She has had a starring role in The New Ghostwriter Mysteries and Harriet the Spy as well as smaller parts in How to Deal and Fever Pitch. She played Katie in Across the River to Motor City. She portrayed Maxima in an episode of Smallville’s 8th season. Read More...

Her biography on IMDB

Her video on Youtube

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9. Serinda Swan (Zatanna Zatara)

Appear : Smallville Season 8 Episode 17 Hex

Status : Alive

Serinda Swan portrayed Zatanna, a Mistress of Magic. She on Metropolis be sides because she has a road show in there, is to looking Oliver. She needs Olie’s help to find her father’s book. The Magic Book contains all legacy of her father about greatest magic. Evidently, John (her father) did not have much time to taught Zatanna about another magic than to granted people wishes.
On her journey to get Oliver help, she granted Chloe’s wish literally. When Clark and Chloe (with Lois’s body) confront Zatanna, there are a little debate on what Zatanna doing. So, Zatanna try to prove that what she does is right with granted Clark’s wish. In another hand, Oliver breaking and entering on Luthorcorp’s warehouse to steal Zatanna’s book after Zatanna met him and tell about her plan.
Unfortunately, Zatanna caught him and made him bound on lamppost on Green Arrow’s wardrobe. On, the ending after Clark made her realize that what she has done is wrong she comes to Olie to apologize. And she is offering her help cause there are so many dangerous magicians with their nasty magic. Who else can handles them better than the Mistress of Magic ?

Mini biography :

Serinda always had her eye on acting. Her mother, a actress, would frequently take her on set when she was little. When she was three years old, she starred in her first motion picture, "Cousins", with Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini, when director Joel Schumacher personally chose her.

Since that time, she has appeared in commercials for Milky Way, Much Music, Macy’s and Absolute Poker (where she has been named as spokesperson), among others. She has also appeared in television shows such as Blood Ties and Supernatural, and movies such as Beyond Loch Ness and Niel and Nikki.

In addition, she is also involved in modeling, for example she is one of the faces of Guess? watches, having beaten out over 75,000 competitors.

Serina continues to balance both her acting and modeling careers, although she prefers acting. Read More...

Her Biography in Wikipedia

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