Interview with Omar in the House


Omar Epps Interview
A few words with Omar Epps, House’s Dr. Eric Foreman. This interview took from Playboy Magazine.
P : You’re a New York guy, but now you live in L.A. What do you miss about home ?
Epps : I grew up all over Brooklyn-Bed Stuy, East New York, Flatbush-with Caribbean food everywhere. I have to say, it’s hard to find good Caribbean food in L.A. But I do like the Cha Cha cafe, which is Caribbean-Latin fusion.
P : What’s your favorite item of clothing ?
Epps : I think I’m like most guys in that when I find a favorite pair of jeans, I stick with it. I have these jeans by Prps that go with everything, and they’re comfortable. I sometimes have to tell myself not to wear them because I wore them the day before.
P : What do you drink ?
Epps : I like Grey Goose and club soda. I also drink wine, such as a merlot or a Chianti. Stags’ Leap makes good wine. I can’t drink white, though-it gives me a headache.
P : What was the first thing you bought yourself when you started making real money ?
Epps : A BMW 325i-this was about 1994, and it was a big deal. My friends were like, Wow. Today I have a mercedes CL63. My wife gets a truck, for the kids; I get a toy, to have fun in.
P : You’ve played two TV doctors, first ER in the 1990s and now on House. What the bigger, the spleen or the pancreas ?
Epps : I have no idea.


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