Smallville Season 9 Episode 1 Savior Review


Chloe hears someone enter her office and pulls out her gun. She is relieved when Doctor Hamilton walks in. She asks him where Ollie is and he says that Ollie is gone and doesn't want to be found. He says that Clark is also gone because of his guilt when Jimmy died.
A bolt of lightning hits an elevated train and Lois is beamed on to it while wearing the Legion ring. A masked woman with a sword on her back also appears and starts a fight with Lois. The train derails, but Clark is there to catch it and safely bring it down.
Lois gets out of the train and sees the blur's logo burned into a door. Clark returns to his Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El tells him that his stay in the fortress will keep him focused on training to be stronger. Jor-El says that Clark still sees himself as human. Clark says he is wrong since he gave up all his friends. Jor-El tells him someone is holding him back.

Chloe learns that Lois got hurt after the train incident, goes to the hospital and finds her getting out of her bed. Lois says that the last thing she remembered was a fight with Tess over an alien orb. The next thing she knew she on a train and battling with a ninja lady. Lois wonders if the Blur is the one who saved her on the train. Not knowing that she has been gone for several weeks, she says that she has a meeting with the Blur. Lois sneaks out her room, goes out to the street and calls out to the Blur so she can thank him.
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