Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 3 Lost Boy Review


Blair calls Chuck and tries to squeeze in a quick rendezvous between classes. Blair then walks into her dorm room and freaks out when she sees Dan and Georgina in bed together. Blair tells Dan that Georgina is a major step down from Serena, then leaves. Georgina asks Dan to hang out for breakfast, but he tells her he has to go.
Dan runs into Serena in the hallway and asks him if she just caught him doing a walk of shame. Dan tries to play it off by saying he was just hanging out with Vanessa, but Vanessa walks out and blows his cover. The ladies tease Dan about his date, then Serena and Dan head out for breakfast.
Vanessa calls Scott and asks him about the study group he claimed to be attending. She tells him that Dan told her the study groups was later in the day. Scott assures her he is studying, then hangs up. He then picks up his guitar and continues his lesson with Rufus. Scott thanks Rufus for his lessons. Rufus tells Scott that Vanessa is like a daughter to him. Scott tells him not to worry. Jenny and Eric walk in and ask Rufus about a charity event he is supposed to attend. Scott heads out and Jenny asks Rufus why Scott has been spending so much time there lately.
Serena tells Dan that she is open minded about his dating Georgina due to her relationship with Carter. Serena then continues to tease Dan and warns him that Georgina can turn from normal to crazy pretty quickly. Serena then meets up with Carter and asks him if he wants to go to the charity event with her. A woman then walks up and asks Carter if he remembers having sex with her. Carter denies knowing her and she slaps him. Serena tells him to forget about the event and she will call him later.
Vanessa goes to the admissions office and tries to find out more information about Scott.
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