Heroes Season 4 Episode 3 Ink Review


Claire pretends she is not in her room as Gretchen bangs on the door to try to talk to her. Elsewhere, Matt imagines Sylar behind him. In his apartment, Peter takes another newspaper clipping of his herorics and puts it up on his wall.
At the carnival, Samuel packs a bottle full of ink. Lydia helps him dress as he puts on a shirt and tie. He says he is missing something since Joseph died. Lydia tells Samuel he can’t replace his brother. Samuel says he has a candidate. After he gets done dressing, Lydia tells Samuel he looks like everybody else.
Peter gets a knock on his door. A man delivers court summons papers and tells him to be more careful when he saves people.
An alarm clock shakes Emma, a deaf woman, in her bed until she wakes up. She puts on a pair of headphones, gets ready for work, hugs her cat and notices the faucet dripping.
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