My Most Wanted Guest Stars on Smallville


Will this couple appear on Smallville ?

Actually I want to create more controversial title like " Brandon Routh appears on Smallville" etc.But, I think it would be scam and will disappointed people who expect more something else than I’m trying to say in this article. I have some people whom I love to see them appear on Smallville and I don’t know how to called them be sides " My Most Wanted Guest Stars". It is like if you play soccer game in your Playstation or Wii, you can choose your own dream team.
I hope you start question : what Brandon Routh has something to do with your "guest stars dream team" ?. Well, I think it will great if Smallville has Brandon Routh since he played Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Return. Since Smallville moved to Friday Night, some fans started worried about the future of our favorite TV Series. They said the rating down because people have plan to do in Friday night and they prefer to skip Smallville than ruin their plan.
And I remember when Cinemags (Indonesian Movie Magazine) covered Superman Return just months before it would be airing. There was an interview with Brandon and Kate. The interviewer asked one question to Brandon, " Did you know about Smallville ?"
"Of course, yes, " Brandon said, " In fact, I want to meet with Tom (Welling). It would be great if I have chance to meet him." he added. I don’t know if they have met after the film released. But, come on, they have almost all Superman’s veterans appeared on Smallville. Lets count together :
-Christopher Reeve who had played Clark Kent/Superman on the Superman Movies, appeared on Smallville as the member of The Veritas, Dr. Virgin Swan.
-Annette O’Toole who we knew portrayed Martha Kent, she had portrayed Lana Lang in Superman III.
-Terrence Stamp who played General Zod, be a voice of Jor-El until now.
-Margot Kidder who played as Lois Lane in all Superman Movie alongside with Christopher Reeve, portrayed Dr.Virgin’s assistent.
-Helen Slater who previously played Supergirl in Supergirl Movie, appeared on Smallville as Lara, Clark Kent biological mother, wife of Jor-El.
They even have Dean Cain, who played Clark Kent/Superman in Lois and Clark : New Adventures of Superman series. Dean Cain played Smallville’s version of John Ripper and he had fight scene with Tom Welling. And it great, seen former Superman VS Superman.
So, these are my guest stars dream team :
-How if they have Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth, they can play another characters. I would like if somehow, Brandon has a fight scene with Tom, he can be villain or hero, is up to producers. Kate, of course I would like if she has some romantic scene with Tom Welling. She could be Lori Lemaris or another Superman’s girlfriend who not appear yet.

-Teri Hacther not appear yet in Smallville. We knew her as Lois Lane along side with Dean Cain in Lois & Clark series and popular for Desperate Housewives series. For this hot mom, I don’t have any idea what the character that fit with her.
I hope it will be reality, Smallville need something to boost their rating up. Come on, Supernatural has Paris Hilton, Gossip Girl has Hillary Duff and Tyra Banks, 90210 even has John Schneider (Pa Kent), why Smallville can has someone as their guest star ? Or if hard to have those actor and actress above, they could have Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki perform in Smallville, Jensen can play another character be sides Jason Teague or maybe play the same character. Jared can play some new character, it will be great.

Is there any possibilty they can apper on Smallville ?

What do you think fans ? Do you have some idea to boost their rating up ?


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