Smallville Season 9 Episode 12 Warrior


The CW Official Description :
Clark (Tom Welling) meets Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan) at a comic book convention, where she tells him her father charmed a copy of the comic book "Warrior Angel" and it holds magical powers. A young man named Stephen (guest star Carlo Marks) steals the comic book and develops super powers, transforming himself into Warrior Angel and saving Chloe (Allison Mack) from a horrible accident. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) becomes jealous of Clark’s relationship with Zatanna. Allison Mack directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

Air Date : 29 January 2010
This episode has been moved up to air the week before "Society." Keep in mind this could change again.
-Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly said that that this episode will feature the "Metropolis Wonder-Con" (think Comic-Con) and will feature the introduction of a character who may be a new love interest for Chloe. He later add that Carlo Marks has been cast to play Steven Swift, "also known as Warrior Angel." And yes, this is Chloe’s new love interest. Marks previously appeared as Chloe’s fiancee in the alternate-reality episode "Apocalypse" back in Season 7.
-Good news for Zatanna’s fans because TV Guide Magazine’s Matt Mitovich has revealed that Serinda Swan will be returning as Zatanna in this episode"


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