Hidden Passion Episode Guide : Part 8

Disclaimer : This episode guide, which taken from Antena3.com, was translate from Spanish into English. So, please aware about the translation’s inaccuracy due to the tool’s imperfection.
After the latest dispute, the situation in the Elinzondo’s ranch has become unbearable : the three sisters cannot bear to Fernando’s attitude. It is because he has been manages to restrict the Elizondo’s life for outside and make life discomfort. So Jimena, Norma and Sarita put an ultimatum to their mother : she has to choose whether Fernando or her daughters.

Facing this situation, Fernando offers two solutions to Gabriela : he marries her or he will leave the ranch. Initially, Gabriela thought Fernando was joking, but after confesses about her feeling (which is she always loves Fernando, not as a son but as man), then she accepts the proposal.
For the Elizondo, the wedding idea seems absurd. Martin and his three grand daughter will do anything to prevent the marriage. Sarita believes that her mother takes this decision only to keep Fernando for leaving the family or to saves her business, but Gabriela tells everyone that she really falling in love with her ex son in law.
To convinces and pleases Gabriela, Fernando decides to take her to the place where Sarita and Franco are releasing their passion and when she sees what her daughter is doing with Franco, she’s furious. And when Franco is gone, she punishes Sarita. In another hand, Ruth informed that Manolo and Miguel are looking for mental hospital.
Days later, Franco accompanies Ruth and the brothers to the hospital, where their mother is inpatient. Manolo and Miguel feel sorry for their mom, but understand that it’s the best solution for their mother. Ruth then be really happy when she knows that Antonio has decided to escape from his parent’s house to be together with her. This man can’t think the idea of leaving his girlfriend. With no place to stay, Melissa offers her home, Antonio then works in the fashion store.


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