Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 9


As my promise, to honor this telenovela, I’ll keep posting the Pasion de Gavilanes aka Hidden Passion Episode Guide until the final episode.

Don’t want to be witnesses of their mother’s wedding with Fernando, The Elizondo sisters escape to their house at Santa Clara. Despite the strong resistance from her daughters and father, in the end, Gabriela marries Fernando and goes to a honeymoon with her new young husband in Paris. Meanwhile, Norma, Jimena, Sarita and the Reyes suffer in a traffic accident

Norma, Sarita and Jimena leave the hacienda, the girls don’t want to see the preparations of the wedding between Gabriela and Fernando. These hot ladies take a refuge in the house of Santa Clara, while Martin remains on the farm with his daughter.

In the end, Gabriela marries Fernando and celebrates this new bond under the watchful eyes of the guests. Despite the day is the happiest day of their life, Gabriela can’t deny that she feels sad because her daughters and father don’t attend her wedding and she feels helpless. Fernando and Gabriela then begin their honeymoon immediately and travel to Paris.

Meanwhile, Jimena, Norma and Sarita are visited by the Kings in the Santa Clara. Sarita and Franco take this moment to talk about their relationship. Sarita confesses that she wants to be with him, but, before formalizing their relationship, she must ensure that her mother still okay after she returns from her honeymoon with Fernando.
Bad thing happen, the Elizondo and Reyes suffer in a traffic accident, resulting in Jimena has a serious injuries. Norma and Sarita decide to report this accident to the police. These young women suspect the accident caused by Dinora Rosales.


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