Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 15


Juan and Norma are married

Juan and Norma celebrate the birthday of their son, David, and following the threats from Fernando and Dinora, Juan decides to take Norma and David to live with him. This perfect couple eventually make their dream comes true : they arrange their wedding. While Dinora who attempts to ruins the event will be disappointed.

Juan and Norma celebrate the one year’s birthday of their son, David. The Reyes held a big party attended by the Elizondo sisters and Martin. And of course, Gabriela won’t attends this party. On the other hand, Fernando returns to the ranch after full-recovery from his accident. When he finds out that Norma doesn’t leaves the hacienda yet, he threats that he will kill her and her son.
Sarita warns Juan about the threat from Fernando. Juan than confronts Fernando about this issues. While, in the Eduvina estate, the young couple is driven by passion and spend a romantic night, they decide to marry. The good news spreads, only to make Dinora angry and decides to ruins the wedding. While Rosario joins her cause the singer wants to separate Franco and Sarita.
Dinora believes that the ceremony will be held in La Luz Church. But, Norma eventually changes her plans and decides to marry in another place after Ruth informs her about her bad dream which she feels someone will set up something evil for their wedding.
At the wedding event, Martin accompanies his granddaughter down the aisle and witnesses the wedding. The Reyes and Elizondo are attending the wedding, except Gabriela Elizondo. She even thinks that the wedding still held in the La Luz Church and goes there, only for got a surprise-an attack from Dinora who think the same thing.
Belinda then comes and tells Dinora that the wedding held in another Church. The polices arrive on the scene and Gabriela tells what happened. Belinda and Dinora flee and the police chasing them. Frightened by the police’s shoot, Belinda breaks the car, while Dinora is hiding in a swampy jungle and then takes refuge in the house, which owned by Armando.
During the banquet, Juan and Norma find out what happen in La Luz Church and come to Elizondo’s ranch to ensure that Gabriela is OK.

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