Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 14


Ruth knows who is her birth mother, Fernando assaults Olegario until half dying

Calixto confesses to Ruth that her birth mother is Eva and Fernando checks the truth. In addition, Fernando assaults Olegario, and Norma finds out that Fernando spends a passionate night with one of the guest on the festival that had organized by Elizondo ranch. Norma is surprised and they are facing each other. By knowing what happen, Gabriela wants her daughter to leaves the hacienda.

Calixto and Ruth are in the park when he confesses that Eva is her real mother. Shocks, Ruth decides to go to Elizondo ranch and confirms the truth with Gabriela. But Gabriela doesn’t want to tell anything, instead Fernando is trying to flirts the girl. Angry, Ruth decides to leave the Eduvina ranch, and when Eva persuades her to not leaving the ranch, Ruth is questioning Eva’s decision. Why Eva gave up her for an adoption. In the end, they are reconcile and Ruth no longer hiding for her real mother who has been trying keeping this fact as a secret for years.
Meanwhile, Fernando surprises Quintina, Olegario and Dominga when they are in the lands of Elizondo. Fernando is trying to take a revenge to Olegario. With the help of his workers, he strikes Olegario so hard and leaves him half dying. Juan, who tired of Gabriela’s husband behaviours, comes to the Elizondo ranch, accompanied by polices to brings him because what he did. The polices arrest him, but in the end, release him because not having enough evidence. After a few days, Olegario returns to the ranch and apologizes to Quintina and Dominga for has been trying to chasing and seduce both of them.
In additon, the discussion between the Elizondo’s employees and Malcolm are going no where. This time, Sarita catchs by surprises Malcolm is trying to take a peeks when Norma is taking a bath. In front Gabriela and Fernando, he apologizes and convinces them that he was in the room because he was trying to supervising his workers.

Moreover, in the hacienda, Fernando keeps processing the relevant paperwork to sell the ranch without Gabriela know about it. In addition, he keeps organize the event and turns the house into a casino. Norma and Sarita are aware of this situation and suffer because these situation just like Martin does. Gabriela starts to feels uncomfortable for her husband who keeps continue to organize the parties at the house. Fernando spends a passionate night with one of the guest of their parties in the basement and Norma catchs by surprises what happen. Norma then reports it to her mother. But Gabriela reacts reluctantly. Fernando who worries that Norma will report his action, just falling from the terrace of the house and injured.
After the accident that happened to Fernando, Gabriela want Norma leaves the ranch. Then this stupid women receives a disturbing phone call. Apparently from Dinora Rosales who threatens will kill her if she doesn’t punish her daughter for what happened to Fernando.

In additon, Norma is visiting the hospital where her ex-husband inpatient and he threats her. He says that if she doesn’t leave immediately, her son, David could pay the consequences. Meanwhile, Antonio proposes Ruth to living with him,but she is reluctant. And Juan, Oscar with Jimena are visiting the land where they will build three homes for them and their respective partners.

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