Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 17


Episode 57
Sarita leaves the Elizondo’s hacienda

Gabriela no longer accepts the presence of Fernando at the ranch and asks him to leaves from the house. But, apparently Fernando has another plan. With the help of Dinora, Fernando has a plan to expel the Elizondo from their own estate. After knows the deceit of Fernando, Gabriela demands him to leave the hacienda forever. Martin is proud about his daughter decision. But Gabriela is heartbroken, can’t stop thinking about the wonderful times she has been spending with Fernando.

Later, Dinora Rosales breaks in into the Gabriela’s room with the firm intention of taking revenge on her for had reported her to the police. Fernando and Dinora threaten her that they will destroy Sarita and Martin lives if she keeps her decision to expels Fernando. Trapped with these evil persons, Gabriela expels Sarita for the hacienda and convinces her daughter that she has forgiven her husband.

Sarita crumbles because her mother rejection, moves into the Reyes’ ranch and surprises Franco. Jimena and Norma take in good part for their sister’s presences, while Sarita tells them that Fernando has been unfaithful to Gabriela and has been cheating with Dinora. The Reyes are willing to denounce Dinora and Fernando as an accomplice, but give up their plan if their couples decide that they are not worry about their mother life.
Meanwhile, in the Elizondo’s hacienda, Gabriela is living in a nightmare. Fernando and Dinora threaten to hurt Martin if she dares to do mess up with them. The police come to inform that they not yet capture Dinora. Later, Rosario and Armando come to the hacienda. Fernando admits that Dinora lives with him and that they pressure Gabriela to expels Sarita. Rosario jealous when she imagines Sarita lives with Franco but Dinora criticizes her for that. Rosario worries about Martin’s life and suggests him to leave the hacienda just like his granddaughter did, but Martin rejects it.
Martin decides to stay with his daughter and waiting the situation changes. In other place, the Reyes are celebrating the arrival of Sarita. While Leonidas and Leandro inform Ruth that they will marry after Leonidas divorce with Conchita.

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