Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 16


Episode 57
Gabriela finds out that Fernando is unfaithful

Sarita tells her mother that Fernando could be unfaithful after his constant nights out. But Gabriela want evidence and Sarita is trying to find one. In the end, she discovers that her husband indeed unfaithful and she decides to betray Dinora by telling to the police for what happened in the Church of La Luz and reveal where is she now. Meanwhile, Juan and Norma return from their honeymoon.

Sarita and Martin are concerned about Gabriela. She doesn’t understand why her mother doesn’t know who Fernando really is. Although in fact Gabriela confesses to her daughter that her relationship with Fernando is cooling gradually. Sarita takes the opportunity to inform that her husband might be unfaithful after his constant night out. Gabriela asks her daughter to shows her evidence that Fernando is unfaithful. And then, if it proved, she will break the relation up for forever.
Sarita finally obtains the evidence and informs her mother about her husband’s infidelity. But she doesn’t believe her daughter’s word and says that she will believe it when she sees with her own eyes about what Fernando does when he leaves the hacienda. And finally, at the same night, Gabriela discovers by herself that Dinora is the mistress of Fernando.
The spiteful Gabriela then decides to destroy this couple by telling to the police about what happened in the church of La Luz and reveals where she has been hiding But Malcolm who knows what she did, warns Fernando and his lover to flee. In the end, Dinora is hiding in the Elizondo’s ranch.
After discovering that the house where Dinora was hiding is Armando’s house, the police come to the bar and interrogating him. But Armando blames his employee as the man behind this situation.
Meanwhile, Sarita delivers to Gabriela a bank receipts which inform them about the bankruptcy of the Elizondo. All because Fernando’s addiction on gambling and alcohol. Gabriela decides to settle this down, once for all. But, she wants to do it alone. In fact, she encourages her daughter to accept Franco’s dinner invitation at the Eduvina Ranch. In the end, Gabriela confronts Fernando, gives him the bank statements and reveal that she knows his infidelity with Dinora. And, Norma and Juan return from their honeymoon.

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