Hidden Passion Episode 2


Bernardo argues with Fernando, he has an accident in his horse

Episode 2 Summary

Now, we are learning about the story about the Elizondo sisters. Norma, the first daughter, has unhappy married life. Sarita, the second daughter, is alone and bitter. And the third daughter, Jimena is eager to marry. While, in another place, Franco attends the appointment with the wealthy widow, Eduvina Trueba.

In other hand, Libya who is under pressured by her brothers, confesses to Bernardo that she is pregnant. Bernardo initially want to leave Libya, but then changes his plan when he knows the fact. Without his awareness, Eva, the headwaiter of the ranch, accidentally finds a photo of Libya in Bernardo’s jacket.

Libya tells her brothers about how Bernardo reacted to the fact that she is pregnant. Then, Juan agrees not to interfere in the happiness of her sister, and accepts that she will marry Bernardo also their plan to buy a house. But, bad thing happen when Fernando, Bernardo’s son in law, knows about his secret.

Fernando then blackmails and try to exploits him. Saying that his marriage with Norma is a disaster and the fact that Norma doesn’t respond him due to the trauma she suffered from a rape incident. Fernando demands a house and money to his father in law, as a exchange for his silences. But, when Bernardo is trying to negotiates this, he has an accident on his horse.


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