Interview with Danna Garcia

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Sorry, I couldn't  provide the English transcript of this interview. Frankly, I don't really understand about what they are talking since I can't read or speak in Spanish. But, I would describe little bit about my interpretation about this interview.

Danna Garcia appears in a TV Program on Spain, Ahora. Then in this video, we could see Danna sings Pasion de Gavilanes' opening song, Fiera Inquieta. Then, Danna takes us to visiting the filming location of Hidden Passion. In the Elizondo's ranch.
She is talking about the Reyes brothers' characters. Starting with Oscar Reyes and then Juan Reyes. Describes little bit about who they are. Be sides that we could hear what her opinion about Mario Cimarro. In the interview, we could see the Elizondo hacienda, with horses and cars, etc. Danna Garcia looks so beautiful and fresh in this interview. Just like what we see on the telenovela. Maybe there are some readers who could provide us a transcript of this interview. If you could provide a transcript about this interview, please leave a comment below. Thanks!
P.S There some hot scene between Mario and Danna too.


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